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Be sure to always tune in, so you don't get left behind on this sexual trip, as you find the answers you are looking for, and maybe our hosts find something about about themselves that they never dreamed about along the way.

So with live chat rooms and video watching, there is a way for everyone to listen. Whether you watch or listen live, or catch a prerecorded show, we are sure that our hosts will have something in store for your sexual side. Whether its a completely new thing, or a twist on an old favourite, let us help you explore your sexual fantasies!


Join us Wednesday Nights as we attempt to talk about the lifestyle, End of the world, weird things, maybe some porn and sex toys and really just about anything. With us you just have to strap in and prepare to go down that rabbit hole and see where you end up on the other side. Join Mike, Sheri & Vanilla Joe for an out of body experience lol. see you on the airwaves!

Also enjoy the www.asnlifestylemagazine.com for a visual and reading expereince.


Call us when we are LIVE ON THE AIR 1 844 855 7399""

LIVE = Live Broadcast Interact with Host;
SCH = Scheduled Show Go to Show profile to search day & time;
BFP = Blast From The Past Popular shows from the PAST;
VPR = On Demand Audio Podcast;
ARC = ARCHIVED Audio Podcast.

VPR = On Demand Video Cast;
ARC = ARCHIVED Video Cast.


[Adult:] Life/Play Subjects:
Channel 1; Audio, 24/7/365.

[Adult X:] Nudity/RolePlay:
Channel 1; Audio,
Channel 2; Video/Audio/Chat,
Channel 3; Video/Audio/Chat,
Channel 4; Video/Audio/Chat.

[Adult XX:] Genetalia/Toys:
Channel 1; Audio,
Channel 3; Video/Audio/Chat,
Channel 4; Video/Audio/Chat.

[Adult XXX:] Penetration/Impact:
Channel 1; Audio,
Channel 4; Video/Audio/Chat.

This is a Syndication Production with ASNRadio; www.asnradionetwork.com Broadcasting via GTFORadio and ""Beauty & Mayhem Production Agency"" www.BMPA.ca

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I am 40 years old.

I Speak: English

I Am From: USA

Amateur, Pornstar, Beautiful, Cute, Female, Male, F/F Couple, M/F Couple, Transsexual, Straight, Gay, Bi-Sexual, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, White, Black, Asian, Latina Latino, Indian, Petite, Thin, Athletic, Voluptuous, BBW, Big Tits, Small Tits, Blonde, Brunette, Black Hair, Redhead, Glasses, Hairy, Shaved, Shaved Pussy, Piercings, Tattoos, Shoes/Boots, Flexi-Contortion, BDSM, Anal, Foot Fetish, Smoking, PantyHose, Lingerie, Latex, Uniforms, School Girl, Braces, Amputee, Doll, Squirt, dominant, submissive, switch, roleplay, military, secretary, humiliation, cuckolding, chastity, leather, Pregnant, Innocent, Flirty, Virgin, Confident, Shy, Gothic, Alternative, Princess, Girl-Next-Door, Smart, Goofy, Scars, Nerd-Geek, Cheerleader, Alt, Pin-Up, Classy, Mature, Milf, Cougar, College, Teen

Monday, October 22nd: 03 PM To 05 PM Monday, October 22nd: 07 PM To 09 PM Monday, October 22nd: 11 PM To 01 AM Tuesday, October 23rd: 03 AM To 05 AM Tuesday, October 23rd: 07 AM To 09 AM Tuesday, October 23rd: 11 AM To 01 PM