Age Verification & Performer Release

Calgary Lifestyles Inc dba Beauty & Mayhem Production Agency  (GTFOTV)

The Calgary Lifestyles Inc. “CLIGTFOTVStudio” agreement describes how Calgary Lifestyles Inc. dba Beauty & Mayhem Production Agency and or Beauty & Mayhem Production Agency LLC and all of its properties operated under these names:, hereinafter known as “CLIGTFOTVStudio” complies to the requirements of this agreement:

I warrant that the identification ("I.D.") I have provided to “CLIGTFOTVStudio” is valid and accurately reflects and represents the fact that I am at least 18 years of age or older (19 in Canada), or the age of majority in the jurisdiction ("jurisdiction") in which I reside or do business.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless “CLIGTFOTVStudio”, its officers, employees, agents and affiliates, against any related (direct or indirect) administrative or legal proceedings or actions (and civil or criminal fines or damages, if any) that my arise out of the intentional or unintentional falsification, misuse or otherwise, of the Age Verification & Performer Release Form ("Form") and I.D. CLIGTFOTVSTUDIO agrees that any decisions concerning the type of content in the Performer's performances is at the sole discretion of the Performer. I agree not to violate any local community standard of "obscenity" in the jurisdiction, and agree that my performances will not violate any other applicable laws or regulations.

I agree to give CLIGTFOTVSTUDIOa perpetual license to use any content that I produce and submit to CLIGTFOTVSTUDIOand its computer systems in the marketing, advertising, promotions or sales of any products or services of GTFOTV, affiliates or agents on the Internet.

CLIGTFOTVSTUDIO  Age Verification & Performer Release Contract #: 10235886

I warrant that I have carefully read and understand that this Form (and attached I.D.) is a legal document and may affect my legal rights, and acknowledge the Form and the submit the I.D. to CLIGTFOTVSTUDIO knowingly and voluntarily, without inducement and for valid consideration.

Entire Understanding

The Parties acknowledge and agree that each Party has reviewed this Agreement and has had sufficient time to seek independent legal counsel. And upon review, the Parties understand the terms of this Agreement and enter into the Agreement knowingly and voluntarily without any inducements and for valid consideration, and that this Agreement is binding and accepted by CLIGTFOTVSTUDIO upon acknowledgement by Studio without any counter signature by CLIGTFOTVSTUDIO.

The Parties have agreed to the above as of the Studio made known by web interface acknowledgement that they fully understand the preceding terms conditions and statements.